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Director of Engineering

I'm a software captain.

I'm also good at...

  • Taking care of engineers, a very smart and unique kind of person
  • Goal-oriented career planning and growth
  • The Agile Development Cycle
  • Building small high-performing teams around projects
  • Knowing when a team isn’t working well and needs to be changed/supported
  • Forecasting resource timelines to predict hiring needs
  • Estimating/scoping software builds at a high-level
  • Helping teams turn that high-level estimate into bite-sized feature tickets
  • Tracking sprint health and making that data transparent to the team/client
  • Translating technical concepts clearly and confidently to C Suite level executives

I have experience with...

  • Rails / Node.js on the back-end
  • React / Redux / Vue on the front-end
  • AWS infrastructure products
  • Web Accessibility Standards
  • JIRA

Bonus territory:

  • Native Mobile Development, iOS & Android
  • React Native

This position requires at least 10 years experience (at least 2 years in a similar role), preferably in a production company or agency environment.

A little bit about Mondo Robot Engineering...

We are a team of engineers focused on developing applications that fulfill the product visions of our clients. The apps are built with Rails or React for the web, and React Native, iOS, or Android for mobile. We work agile, our code is test-driven, our integration processes are continuous and we deploy to AWS or VS App Center.

You'll be joining a team of well-rounded individuals that includes avid cyclists, a coffee roaster, an ultra runner, a ski racer, and a bunch of other really nice folks.