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Product Coordinator

I'm an organized task master.

I'm also good at...

  • Defining the scope and managing small scale projects
  • Problem solving
  • Writing and copy editing
  • Being organized
  • Prioritizing team, client, and end audience needs
  • Keeping up with current web technologies
  • Communicating

I have experience with...

  • Breaking down details of projects to create estimates, timelines, and budgets
  • Assisting in creation and management of project-related documents
  • Facilitating effective task and workflow management
  • Content management for team projects

Bonus territory:

  • You have a passion for technology. You are strategic. You are driven. You are self motivated.

This position requires 1 year experience preferably in a production company or agency environment.

A little bit about Mondo Robot's Production Team...

We are a team of producers focused on facilitating and managing the daily activities of large-scale design and development projects. You work with clients, designers and engineers to deliver cutting edge projects.

You'll be joining a team of well-rounded individuals that includes avid cyclists, a coffee roaster, an ultra runner, a ski racer, and a bunch of other really nice folks.