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Coachella 2019

A platform worthy of an iconic event

Coachella 2019

A platform worthy of an iconic event

What we did
Web design
Motion design
Web development

Coachella is the festival of our time. Each year, the event is a culture-defining snapshot of music, fashion and art attended by over 250,000 people.

Our challenge was to create a .com platform that lives up to the occasion. A website that captures the feeling of Coachella, efficiently delivers a wealth of content and is stable in the face of enormous traffic.

The concept

Inspired by the desert, mountains and music

Atmospheric gradients and rich illustration inspired by the desert form the foundation of a design that attempts to answer the question — what does music look like?

Design system

A modular approach packed with personality


A youthful visual language

Original illustration and iconography inject a layer of personality while communicating critical information about the Coachella experience.

Community participation

  • 1.4M

    users in the first week

  • 200k

    pageviews/hour peak traffic

  • 1

    sold-out festival


Preserving our shared human history