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Preserving our shared human history


Preserving our shared human history

What we did
Web design
Web development

Dr. Sarah Parcak—the 2016 TED Prize winner—asked us to help realize her wish for humankind: locate and protect the millions of undiscovered archaeological sites buried all over the world.

We partnered with her company, GlobalXplorer°, to create an online science platform that enables anyone with an internet connection to contribute to her cause.

Digital expeditions

Enlisting the power of a global community

GlobalXplorer° relies on volunteers to spot clues in satellite imagery that signal man-made objects hidden below the surface. We designed an ultra-focused experience that makes it easy for these budding "space archaeologists" to report their findings.


Entice engagement and reward participation

To get eyes on as many satellite images as possible, we built a system of ranks and rewards tied to the performance of the individual and the community.

Educational content

History is the best motivator

The GlobalXplorer° website is packed with articles on archaeology provided by National Geographic. They encourage an appreciation of the very history the platform was built to preserve.

Mondo Robot was the perfect collaborator. They encouraged us to think big and then showed us how to achieve our desired outcome in a practical way on budget. They were fun, professional and super responsive. 15/10. Would recommend to everyone.

Community participation

  • 84,168


  • 16.5M

    satellite images viewed

  • 19,084

    archaeological sites identified

Out in the wild

We’re not the only ones excited about GlobalXplorer°

'Space archaeology' transforms how ancient sites are discovered.
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