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National Law Enforcement Memorial & Museum

Honoring those who gave their lives in service.

National Law Enforcement Memorial & Museum

Honoring those who gave their lives in service.

What we did
Product Vision
Product Design

The National Law Enforcement Memorial and Museum (NLEMM) is a non-profit dedicated to remembering and honoring the American law enforcement officers who have given their lives in service. They also educate the public on the history of law enforcement and act as a platform for constructive dialog between law enforcement and the communities they serve.

NLEMM operates a memorial for fallen officers and a museum with immersive exhibitions in Washington D.C. They came to Mondo Robot for help in bringing their in-person experiences into the digital world. In collaboration with NLEMM and Verizon, Mondo Robot created "The Badge" — an app allowing users to learn, share stories and honor fallen officers, whether at the memorial or in their homes.

The creation of The Badge mobile app was led by the dynamic team at Mondo Robot. From the beginning, the process was thoughtful, innovative, and professional. The result was a platform that our institution will begin using to connect with our audience and achieve our mission in ways we never have before. We are looking forward to working with Mondo Robot as The Badge continues to grow.

Spotlight officers

Spotlight officers highlight key officers in history who gave their lives in the line of duty. They serve as a reminder of key events and aim to bring new insights to historical events.

Find an officer on the memorial

For people visiting the memorial in person, people can search for an officer by name and find where they are located on the memorial wall.

Leave a tribute

Write a tribute to honor the memory of a loved one. People can also leave an emblem, which act as digital representation of physical artifacts traditionally left at the actual memorial.

Branding & Illustration

A physical memorial, made digital

We recreated a map of the memorial and common objects that are placed at the memorial in a style that feels approachable, yet respectful.


Preserving our shared human history