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A first-of-its-kind experience for cyclists


A first-of-its-kind experience for cyclists

What we did
Product design
Motion design

Retül, a partner of Specialized, is the most technically advanced bike fitting company in the world. Retül technology captures and analyzes data to provide fitters and cyclists with product and size recommendations that improve comfort and performance.

We designed Retül Match, an innovative retail kiosk that collects body measurements and presents recommendations for the perfect fit. The unique touchscreen experience elevates the Retül brand, brings custom bike fitting to the masses and improves cycling for riders everywhere.

Retül Match • Product Innovation

An exercise in human design

Through a simple, intuitive interface, Match turns technical data into digestible visuals for consumers. During an in-store session, cyclists’ riding preferences and body measurements are captured and converted into personalized results.

Product selection

Match is a tool to help cyclists find the right gear for their needs. Whether it’s a new bike, accessory, or simply a more comfortable shoe, Match can help.

Quick. Easy. Insightful.

A Match session is simple but immersive. A cyclist is guided through a series of steps to gather preferences and body measurements that result in personalized recommendations.

Product recommendation

Within minutes of starting a session, cyclists can walk away with product results that align with their needs and measurements. Those results can be used in-store or saved for later.


Elevating a brand and making it accessible to everyone

By combining Retül’s flagship technology with high-end design, we elevated Match from functional to premium. The tech-inspired look and feel, fueled by precise line work and 3D body renders, became the foundation for a rebrand of the entire organization.

Working with Mondo Robot has been awesome. They are professional yet friendly, flexible yet efficient and provide great insights into user experience to ensure a product and brand is represented the best it can be.

Out in the wild

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The Match system instantly validates the bike shop experience.
Retül Match accurately sizes you for saddles, shoes and bikes to optimize your ride.
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