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A digital platform built to connect riders


A digital platform built to connect riders

What we did
Product vision, Experience design, Motion design.

Mondo Robot partnered with Specialized to help them foster meaningful relationships with cyclists beyond the point of sale. Through research, we identified three pain points that hinder the rider experience: community, equipment management, and safety.

Enter Specialized Ride, a digital platform built to help riders create, discover and join group rides, setup and manage their gear, and ride with peace of mind using connected safety technology.

Join the cycling community by downloading Ride for iOS or Android.

Ride Social Network

A true connection between riders

Group rides are one of the great joys of cycling, but organizing them can be a pain. Ride streamlines the planning process without the headache. Browse and join rides created by cyclists in your community or plan your own ride anywhere in the world.


Browse upcoming rides in your area organized by cyclists and bike shops in your community.

Rider Safety

Escape with peace of mind

Riding with others is the safest way to ride, but sometimes you just want to hit the road alone. The Ride app pairs with Specialized's helmet-mounted crash sensor, ANGi, to keep you safe before, during and after your ride.


We brought life to the ANGi pairing process through illustration and animation, making an otherwise mundane task engaging.


High contrast, oversized type make ride statistics stand out so cyclists can focus on the road.


The incident detection screen is designed to grab a rider’s attention, making it easy to disable a crash notification in case of a false alarm.


A streamlined emergency contact setup flow makes it easy for riders to keep their loved ones in the know when they’re out for a ride.


Enabling business communication on the go