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A platform bringing brands to life


A platform bringing brands to life

What we did
Product strategy
Product design
Product development
Marketing collateral
Content Development

Hexa|Custom is a B2B platform that allows customers to create fully customized outdoor gear in a matter of minutes. Products are made to order, in any quantity, and delivered in under three weeks.

Our challenge was to bring their proprietary production capabilities to group sales distributors in the form of a responsive customization platform and order management system. 

Mondo Robot is more than an interactive agency. They are partners. A partner that houses the innovative mindset necessary to bring complex ideas to life in a way that feels second-nature for the user.

Customization Platform

A simple platform with endless capabilities

The center of the experience is the innovative customization platform. It gives users control over every detail of the design, from selecting add-on features, changing panel colors, and adding logos. With up to 7 billion possible combinations, the platform brings brands to life in minutes.

What you see is what you get

Accurate jacket previews are of utmost importance, so we used photography implemented with Canvas to change jacket colors in real time giving customers the most accurate preview possible.

Order Management

Smart, simple order management

Because our users specialize in group sales, we created an order management system that allows them to build and manage many orders that can range in quantity from 1 to over 1,000.


A brand as premium as 
the service

Inspired by the infinite combinations available through the platform, we created an identity worthy of the premium apparel and experience Hexa|Custom offers.

In the first three months…

  • 10,000+

    Units designed

  • 600+


  • 1

    Happy Client


A website worthy of an iconic event